Friday, May 4, 2012

same old, but so much more

it is sooooo close to being done.  sort of.  Tins re-mounted, slight bend in the top of the sissy, everything else in the drivetrain reassembled, and I even ran new brake lines since this pic was taken.  And welded passenger peg mounts onto the frame rather than using the clamps that always seem to spun.  And installed a Crane Hi-4 and a new low ohm coil.  But alas, motor main seal still leaking (no worries, I have extra seals, some liquid sealant and a new spacer) and the bike wouldn't start.  I'm going to take 5 days away from it.  Then, its back to figuring it out.  probably a simple wiring thing.  and if worse comes to worse, Walter and/or Mike are getting a call.

I need a better pic of it all, but I'll wait until its actually a working motorcycle and not a 500 lb paperweight.


Chris said...

Next trip out you need to bring those lower legs!

theoldepro said...

Hopefully next trip out I'll be bringing the whole bike!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man I really dig this shovel. I kind of want to show it to the guys in lowside for a possible spread. Hit me up at speedindoug@lowsidesyn.com if you are interested