Friday, April 15, 2011

the sheriff's gift

Last night was a fun time out to dinner with Chris and Lauren's families and I got to see Chris's dad, which of course reminded me of the milk crate of chopper gold or brass or copper, depending on how you sift through the pile. hell, some of it is just plain chopper/gross crap. But it reminded me that I never posted about it.

Well after looking through his various old t-shirts, MC patches, bike club photos, there sat the milk crate of late 80's and early 90's Easyriders.

My goal was to post a picture a week from the mags, but I've slacked. Here's a few that stood out so far.

80's hair in the 90's....or was that just early 90's hair? either way it is great, terrible, awesome, horrible.

this bike and pic are just great. Kim has some other pics of this bike on his flickr page.

now this one, I love for 2 reasons:
If you can't buy it, make it....great motto that we live by.
Steven Stone did a quick photo shoot on a road trip to Bear Lake, CA where he captured me in that same exact pose. except I think that mine exposed a bit more. That was the vegas trip where the SLC and Cali crews met up, ate chicken fingers at Jake's request, drank whiskey all night, and I wouldn't take my leather vest off the whole time. including swimming in Bear Lake.

Lastly, when going through the how-to section of one of the mags, I just happened to glance at this picture and see mr. Jim Waggaman on the right. We rented our band space for GYDO from Jim for years in Carlsbad. It was right on the beach. you could literally throw a stone across the PCH and hit the sand. on many a warm day, it was surfing and playing music and then after the sun set, back to the beach for midnight swimming sessions. I just received word that the old band space has been flattened to make way for the new luxury hotel that will be going up soon....sad, but it was bound to happen. Jim and I would talk bikes from time to time, but he was always doing his own thing, hanging out, fixing, doing body work on classic cars and painting giant chickens.

When I get some more free time, I'm either going to start scanning the pages I want to post, or just take better pictures of them. these are piss poor and I know it.

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Hahahahaha.... BEAR.