Wednesday, December 8, 2010

livin' dreamin'

these are two pictures that I took a while ago. nothing special about them, I just liked them and sort of forgot about them.

Chris wrote Hi Matt on the little metal plate on my headlight visor when I first got this bike. I left it in his garage for a weekend and when I was riding it home from picking it back up, I noticed it. I decided it will stay there. that was a long time ago. I think that what I like about this picture is all the fasteners and bolts and stuff involved with the front end. you look at it in a picture and realize...."when's the last time I checked if these things were tight?" or "what would happen if one of these little things came loose while I was riding?". perspective.

and then at one point I wrote Hi Kim on Kim's panhead rocker covers. that didn't go over slightly as well...at least I wrote it on the painter's tape and not directly on the pan.

this picture of the seat bolt I just like. the seat's mounting came out OK. the rear mounts are hidden and are not a fun task to assemble. I really wanted to polish this Stainless Steel bolt, but never got to it. Maybe this winter all those little details will finally happen.

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