Sunday, February 14, 2010

more bars changes...really?

A few weeks, maybe months ago, I dropped a perfectly nice set of Biltwell Windows Bars off at the shop for Kim. He, Pat and I had talked about what the perfect size would be for making these bars shorter to be a bit more comfy and just look a little different.

Originally we had talked about making the window a perfect square, but I left that up to Kim. In the end, he wound up cutting about 6 inches out of their total height for a now width-wise rectangular window. I still need to clean up the welds and brush them to a nice non-chromed finish, but I figured I'd mount them up and give them a ride or two or ten.

I gotta say that I wasn't a huge fan of the low feeling when I had drag bars on my last sportster for a hot minute. Especially after the road trip to the Smoke Out West a few years ago. These are definitely higher than those were by about 4 inches and really feel great. Its amazing how much smaller the bike feels overall compared to when I had the Chumps bars on there. Less control than the Chumps for sure, but a nice, compact and quick 'feeling' ride nonetheless.


Rob said...

your moto is tits!

LandMan said...

thanks rouser...as the true sportster lover that you are, I appreciate the comment!

LandMan said...

Hey Mark, yeah, for me it doesn't matter what you ride either. as long as you're doing it for 2 reasons: 1) transportation and 2) enjoying life to its fullest. I never lived in Vegas. a buddy of mine lives there and saw the license plate so he snapped a pic and sent it to me.