Sunday, September 13, 2009

Once you go Black, you never go....

Made a few changes to the sporty this weekend. Still working out a few of the kinks, such as a proper and safe way to mount the new (old) tank to my frame, but nothing a few zip ties can't fix for now.

Rode over to BCM Kim's today and had some great conversations about bikes, life, relationships and watched him painfully get through his hangover. Good times!

Side view of the new look. 2.2 gallon 1991-ish gas tank. Has the number 5 on it for when the sportsters switched to 5 speed trannys.

3/4 View. The fender is still a bit higher than ideal, BUT when I'm actually riding, it's probably only an inch off the tire at most. Gotta keep doing some ride testing to see how much lower I can go to the tire. I did decide to keep with the front fender mounted as the rear fender for now. Signature move? not really.....stolen from this amazing bike.

A little Bench Mark love on the points cover. A sweet start to some colab projects coming from BCM Kim and CECNC Pat. Turns out my sportster has the same hole pattern as the old shovels and similar to that of the old Ironheads (turned 90 degrees).

Rear view. A wider rear fender (eventually) will help close the gap in between the width of the shock mounts. I also need a better/different rear view mirror. the stock one looks supes whack. and those forward controls are either going bye bye OR I might be shaving the width down by a few inches so they don't look so, so....out there?

Overall, a great moto-centric weekend.


strappo said...

looks good dude, i like the tank

Stone said...

Shit's all macho now!

LandMan said...

yeah, the bike is definitely tougher than I am. but maybe my leather vest will work.....haha.

Stone said...

Dude, that leather takes you to a whole new universe of macho. Just putting it on re-writes your DNA and creates a love-child between Joan Jett and Mickey Rourke in "The Informers"...
Mega macho.